Chile Expedition 2012

Chile Expedition 2012

In February, 2012, all five Volcanofiles converged on the Chilean Andes for a month-long volcanologic expedition: Chile Expedition 2012.

Thanks to a generous grant from Antofagasta, and additional support from the Royal Geographic Society, the Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust, the University of Cambridge Department of Geography, and other Cambridge colleges, we raised funds necessary for a full volcano monitoring campaign at three active Chilean volcanoes: Villarica, Puyehue-Cordón Caulle, and Lascar.

We collected lots of data, took lots of pictures, and reported it all LIVE from Stay tuned for progress on data analysis now that we’ve returned from the field!

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Post-fieldwork: The Data

Kelby pours over UV camera data

Yves fits UV spectrometer DOAS data

Where in the World?

Many thanks to our sponsors and supporters!