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Hawaii’s Pahoa Lava Flow Heads for Transfer Station [VIDEO]

All eyes have been on the slow-moving but unstoppable force that is the Hawaiian lava flow heading straight into the town of Pahoa, HI. The Kilauea lava flow has actually been going on since 1983, but a recent diversion in the flow has sent it streaming toward Pahoa. The town has been evacuated for some months now, so no one is in any danger. But, there’s no way to stop a lava flow, and it might end up swallowing the whole town.

Here is how far the flow has come to date:

That bright red part of the flow near the transfer station? Yep, the lava is heading straight for it. Check out some recent video:

Images of New Explosion at Ubinas Volcano, Peru

Today, the Geophysical Institute of the Peru (IGP) issued a press release including images of an eruption at Ubinas volcano that occurred at 9:11am local time. The eruption column reached a height of 1,500 meters, with ash dispersal to the south and southeast affecting the towns of Ubinas, Tonohaya, Escacha and Chojata. The eruption was preceded by a magnitude 4.6 earthquake recorded in the city of Arequipa and felt throughout southern Peru.