And, the fieldwork season begins…

And, the fieldwork season begins…

2012 is coming to a close, and all of the Volcanofiles are itching to get back into the field.

Nial has already headed south. We received word from him that he landed in McMurdo station, Antarctica today and is headed up to Mount Erebus soon!

Made it to McMurdo a few hours ago. Weather is good down here, although it looks bad up on Erebus.

Kelby is headed west. He arrived in Mexico a few days ago. Later this week, the Cities on Volcanoes 7 conference kicks off, and Kelby will be there to update us on all the fun that we’re missing. After conference time, it’s fieldwork time on Colima.

Plans are then to take equipment up to the ‘cano starting right after the conference. Then likely make a summit climb which will take 3-4 days depending on the road. Then back to Colima to leave the next day for 10 days at my monitoring site. Busy, busy!

Watch this space for more updates from the field-bound team and lots of pictures, too!

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