Bad weather & fieldwork preparations

Bad weather & fieldwork preparations

The reduced visibility and blowing snow continue, but today we managed to do most of our food pull – collecting all the food we are taking to Erebus, some of which we will take to Fang camp (where we spend a couple of days getting used to the altitude), and what will go up to Lower Erebus Hut (where we spend most of the field season).

One of the training sessions we had today was run by a couple of the G-081 team members, Aaron and Meghan. Aaron’s work is in the ice caves on Erebus, so they showed us some techniques for rappelling into and ascending out of the caves.

Aaron shows G-081 how to ascend a rope

After dinner, I decided to head over to Scott Base for American Night – because the NZ base is so much smaller (about 80 people at the moment, compared with about 1100 at McMurdo), there’s just one night a week where anyone from McMurdo is free to visit without an invitation. Since the conditions weren’t suited to the walk – which takes about 30 minutes – I took the shuttle. While waiting outside for the return trip, we got an amazing view out across the sea ice, including the transition from the shelf ice (which is connected to and fed by ice overlying the land) to the sea ice (which is a thinner layer of frozen seawater).

View across the sea ice transition from Scott Base

View to the west (ish) from Scott Base

Here’s hoping for more good views tonight as I head back to my dorm.

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