Fieldwork preparations

Fieldwork preparations

Over the next week or so, we at McMurdo go through training for fieldwork and get our equipment together. The four G-081 members who are new to Antarctica are away overnight on ‘Happy Camper’, learning survival skills in the field – among other things, they’ll be digging snow trenches, and finding out what white-out conditions (when there is no visibility) are like, through an advanced simulation. Since they’re sleeping out in their snow trenches or tents tonight, here are some photos from last year:

One of the Volcanofiles at Happy Camper in 2010

Fortunately, that roof isn't as precarious as it looks, so a night in the snow trench was immensely satisfying, if nerve-wracking.

Advanced snowstorm simulation

In the meantime, the rest of us have been at refresher courses and are putting together our equipment. There’s a lot to get done before the first half of G-081 leave on Monday!

Nial's research centres on thermal camera images of Erebus lava lake. He'll be telling us more about his work in the next few weeks.

It’s a warm -3C at McMurdo today, and the weather has been starting to clear – hopefully we’ll have photos of Erebus soon.

– Your Erebus correspondent

3 thoughts on “Fieldwork preparations

LaurettaPosted on  10:17 pm - Nov 22, 2011

Love the whiteout simulation!

Mark V. Turner, MS, PGPosted on  6:43 am - Dec 29, 2011

keep your eyes open for an unforgettable image for me to paint. If you see it, snap the shutter and send it to me at the contact e-addy. I doubt I’ll ever get through the paperwork necessary to be on the artist’s program, but one of you will have the kodak moment a painter hopes for. Could be in the hut or in the field or looking down into the crater……

Stay safe – Mark

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